1000 Islands Village is uniquely diverse in all facets of operation, offering an enormous potential for market share infiltration. Due to the diversity of the Village services, people will be drawn to the area for a multitude of reasons, ranging from business to sports and entertainment to personal. 1000 Islands Village will offer its products and services to local businesses, companies, colleges, schools, churches, special interest groups and retailers who require short or long term office or classroom space, or for those who require facilities for occasional retreats, conferences and special events.  In addition, the facilities will be available to families for private events and celebrations. The Village will provide support to the community by offering sports and recreation facilities, as well as an indoor farmer’s market to artisans and producers who want to showcase their local crafts and products. 1000 Islands Village will be part of a local initiative of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere called Local Flavours where the products that are showcased in the market will also be used in our village’s food services outlets.  The state of the art 1000 Islands Chapel offers an incredible venue for theatre and music productions, in addition to providing church services bridging all denominations.